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The Challenge
Indoor Recess

August 2020
Product design; Package design; Art direction; Script writing; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop

In August of 2020, I was selected out of over 300 applicants to participate as a team art director in a two-week advertising competition for students and recent graduates. Indoor Recess provided an amazing opportunity to create with a team of seven other talented students professional spec work for Disney Music Group.

Disney Music transports listeners to a world of nostalgia and joy. With the help of Amazon’s Alexa, users can find magic in the little things because Disney magic is only a wish away.

Below are select slides featuring the goal of the project and my contributions. Please contact me if you'd like to see the full presentation.

Account lead - Gabriela Ferrio | Project Manager - Anastasia Papanikolaou | Art Director - Glenn Van Den Herrewegen | Copywriters - Channing Capacchione and Grace Curran | Strategists - Katherine Lee and Christian Angel
Caroline Farrell